Monday, April 22, 2013

Spliting String using calculated Field


To Split a String based on delimiter.This requirement can be achieved with out using Siebel scripting.


Create two Calculated field to split the string one for left side of the delimiter and other 
for right side of the delimiter.

Left Description: Left([Description],InStr([Description],"/")-1)
Right Description: Right([Description],(Len([Description])-InStr([Description],"/"))) 

[Description Field] Stores the values BRILLIANT SILVER M ,RED

After evaluating the above stated calculated expression.

Left Description:  BRILLIANT SILVER M
Right Description: RED


Monday, April 15, 2013

Error while performing GET/CHECK OUT


Siebel-ERR-1109: Unable to read value from export file (Data length (4) > Column definition (1)).
Siebel-ERR-1107: Unable to read row 1 from export file (UTLDataValRead pBuf, col 11: TRANSLATE_FLG ).
Siebel-ERR-1124: Unable to import table "S_LIST_COL_INTL" (UTLDataRowRead).


The following registry keys must be created for new Oracle ODBC connections:

PacketSize = 0
EnableScrollableCursors = 0
ColumnsAsChar = 1
ColumnSizeAsCharacter = 1

ORACLE_CONNECTION_NAME is the name of the ODBC database connection.