Thursday, May 24, 2012

FS Holiday API Service : IsHoliday Method

Determine a Defined Holiday

FS Holiday API Service : IsHoliday Method 

This method returns an output indicating whether a day is a defined holiday.

Usage :  This method is called from the FS Holiday API Service. It returns Yes if the Working field is unchecked for the holiday definition of that day or No if the Working field is checked.

1. Navigate to Administration Service->All Exceptions and create Exceptions. Here you can define holidays in exception hours.

2. Navigate to Administration-Service->Schedules and create Schedule and Note row-id for that schedule. Here you can define working hours.

3. Navigate to Administration Business Service->Simulator. Specify following inputs.

1) Name : FS Holiday API Service
2) MethodName : IsHoliday

4. Navigate to input arguments and Specify following input arguments.

1) Date Time - Date and time for which you would like to verify.
2) Calendar Id – Row Id of that particular schedule that you had noted during creation of schedule.
3) Time Zone - Time Zone of the Service Calendar.

Then Hit Run from the simulator applet. It will return the output argument Is Holiday as TRUE/FALSE depending on the Date Time.

Note : Always while giving the input arguments, please give the date as “MM/DD/YYYY” and time in 24 hr format.(e.g. 10/18/2008 18:01:00)

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