Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Unnecessary Querying of Primary BC in WFs

To retrieve values for the Primary BC for the BO referenced by the Workflow Process, use the "Business Component Name" and "Business Component Field" properties of an Input or Output Argument record of any step. This approach will reduce the number of queries executed for every Workflow Process instance.
In the event where it is necessary to set a Process Property to a field value for the current record, instead of a Siebel Operation Step that performs a query, use the out-of-the-box Business Service Workflow Utilities, method Echo, which simply returns the provided input arguments as output arguments.For example, imagine a WF based on the Account BO, where the primary BC is Account in which the Account Trend field is not active by default. By simply adding a step in the WF like the following will ensure that the Account Trend field is queried when the WF starts.

As output, the field is retrieved automatically and the process property is filled.

Replacing the Siebel Operation step with the Business Service Workflow Utilities would simply return the provided Output Arguments without requerying the BC.

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