Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Reset local DB user password

We initialize new DB by generating and extracting local DB again when we forgot local DB user’s password. In this
situation we lose all our work which previously did in local DB.
To overcome this kind of problem there is simple below tip to reset local DB user password.
1. Go to Siebel tool installdir like c:\siebel\8.1\tools_1\bin and open dbisqlc.exe as shown in below

2. Enter Userid as “DBA” and password “your enterprise name” like CRMDEV81
3. Go database tab and select your local dbf file like below..

4. Click OK
5. Interactive sql window open saying connected to database.

6. Execute following query to reset password of userid “TEST”.
grant connect to TEST identified by PASSWORD
NOTE-Here PASSWORD is your new password and userid and password is in caps only.


  1. If the password is not working .. Then What are things i need to check . My EnterPrise name is DEV i have provided DEV12345 still it is not working , so what will be the solution ?

  2. I get the below error when I try to reset my local db password using below command : ---------------------------
    grant connect to DEMO.USER identified by DEMO.USER
    Interactive SQL
    Error at line 1
    Syntax error near '.' on line 1

    1. I think that you need to enclose name and password into quotas in this case.