Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Suppressing Scripting Error Code SBL-EXL-00151 in Custom Validation Error Messages

It is a common scenario in Siebel Implementations to use ‘RaiseErrorText()’ method for throwing Error Messages on UI when any Custom Validations are not satisfied. However, Siebel suffixes the Error Code ‘SBL-EXL-00151’ along with the text passed to RaiseErrorText() Method. This might be look cryptic, confusing & not acceptable to the Business Users, many times.

Root Cause:
Every call to RaiseErrorText() Method indeed raises an Exception and the Exception Code for the Custom Error Messages hard-coded internally is SBL-EXL-00151. It is not possible to suppress this with any coding changes.

The Challenge:
In multiple Business Cases, there would be pre-defined Business Codes for Errors and the Siebel Specific Error Code might not be acceptable to the Business Users as it is not as per the Standard Business Codes defined.

The Solution:
Siebel has identified this as a Product Defect and provided a Fix from Version 7.7.2 onwards.

·         Login to your Siebel Client
·         Navigate to Application Administration > System Preferences View
·         Add a new System Preference with Name ‘Suppress Scripting Error Code’ & Value ‘TRUE’
·         Restart your Enterprise Server
·         Further Concatenate Business Specific Error Codes along with Validation Messages in the Text Message argument to RaiseErrorText() Method
·         SBL-EXL-00151 would not further appear anymore !

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