Sunday, January 15, 2012

To find No. of Working days between two dates ignoring week ends and Holidays with out script

Most of us pull their hands towards Scripting, but Great to have a vanilla Business Service 'FS Holiday API Service' to crack this requirement.

This Business Service has 3 Methods.
1.       GetElapsedBusinessTime
2.       GetResponseTime
3.       IsHoliday

The Following Method serves our Requirement.

Method : GetElapsedBusinessTime                                                                           

Inputs to the BS:
Calender Id
Schedule Time Zone
Time Unit (Days/Hours)
Start Time
End Time

Output of the BS:
Business Time -  Outputs the Time in Days/Hours calculating difference between Start and End days ignoring Week ends and Holidays.

Example :

Inputs : Start Time : 06 / 01 / 2012

              End Time   : 11/ 01/ 2012

Output : Business Time (In Days) : 3 (since 07th and 08th are week end dates, they are ignored)

One of the Inputs, Calender Id is created by the following steps :

* Navigate to Administration - Service -> Schedules -> in Siebel Client

* Create a New Record. The Row-Id of the record is the Calender Id.

* Navigate to 'Schedule Hours' Detail View and specify the working days here with  start and end times.

* Also you can specify the Holidays in this way.

* Navigate to 'All Exceptions' Detail View, create a record and drilldown on the Name that takes to 'Exception Hours' Detail View, specify the List of Holidays here.
Screenshot showing List of Week Days:

Screenshot showing List of Holidays:



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