Thursday, January 19, 2012

Using BitMaps in Siebel

We often use images for distinguishing the state of a Policy/Quote, i.e. we use different icons (color) as a immediate notification for the change in State.

For ex: when the Policy is in Pending State the Icon will show a Red Color (Pic 1), where as when the Policy is in “Accepted by Customer” state the Icon will be in Green Color (Pic 2).

Step 1: Create a Bitmap Category
Add Bitmaps for that Category.

Step 2: In the Bitmaps u chose the files (.gif) that u want to show in the Screen. (Images that gets
The file name refers to the .gif files located in the images folder in

Step 3: In the Icon Maps Create a new record.
In the Icon List Create new Records.
In Name Give a Name for Icon record created. In the Bitmap provide the name of the Bitmap created in
the step1. In the Bitmap Category put the name of Bitmap Category created in step 1.

Step 4: Create a new control in the Applet where u need to use the Bitmap.
In the HTML Icon Map option (of the newly created control) adds the Icon Maps that was created in

We can create calculated fields to Map the Icons to a specific value of a field.
For example: In the BC “FINS Group Policy” we have a Field Policy Status LIC that is having a static
Picklist. Depending on the Value of the Field that is chosen (from the static Picklist), the value in the
Calculated fields e.g.“Graphical Policy Status Yellow” changes to “Diminished Service”.

We see in the Icon List “Diminished Service” is mapped to Stoplight – Yellow Light.
So whenever a different value is chosen in the Picklist the Value of the field Graphical Policy Status
changes, which in turn is mapped to the Icon Maps and the Icon changes.

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